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How it all started

About us

Powerup Project Intl Ltd was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in 2015. In large measure, the registration was a response to the slow pace of development of Information Technology in developing countries, especially in Nigeria.

The company provides business development services, through a wide range of technical activities, in support of private sector development.

The focus is primarily on the development of small and medium scale enterprises as a direct service provider, as well as in partnership with government, donors, investors, financial institutions and international development organizations.

Our services are of high technical quality thanks to the qualifications of a strong team of multidisciplinary consultants with backgrounds in research and socio-economic development, business management, accountancy, microfinance and investment banking.

Our Business Objectives

  • To assist small and medium scale enterprises with identification and implementation of smart solutions to their business planning, management and financing problems.
  • To partner with government, international development organizations and non-state actors in project identification, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  • To design and carry out policy relevant studies, with a focus on development policies and strategies
  • To advise foreign and local investors on investment possibilities
  • To represent foreign investors, consultants and donors in the Mano River Union countries

Area of Operations

Powerup Project Intl Ltd professional team are made up of Nigerian and Foreign Partners that have acquired a world class experience in their areas of consulting and research services.

Specifically, the company provides the following services:

  • Identification, design, appraisal, monitoring and evaluation of development projects and programmes across the globe.
  • Assessment of the potential and actual economic benefits of infrastructure projects andnd postharvest facilities.
  • Impact assessment of economic and social development and research programs.
  • Conduct of policy analysis and preparation of short, medium and long term development economic strategies
  • Assessment of research activities and preparation of short, medium and long term research plans and strategies.
  • Conducting institutional, management and portfolio due diligence on institutions for strategic investment decisions.
  • Conducting needs assessment surveys of small and medium scale, formal and informal business enterprises for business development interventions.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of institutions projects and programmes.
  • Negotiating international agreements in relation to industrial fisheries projects.
  • Managing large investment projects with multiple components.
  • Conducting financial, management, and operational audits
  • Restructuring/reorganisation of existing companies to make them more efficient and profitable.

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Our team is made up of Nigerian and Foreign Partners that have acquired a world class experience in their areas of consulting and research services.



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